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Guidelines for European Food Consumers: How to defend myself from food crime

Consumers Protection

A major outcome of BACCUS Project is to contribute to create a correct and improved awareness in Europe about the food crime threat by developing common guidelines as safeguard of EU food Consumers.

Start now to protect yourself and download here BACCUS Guidelines for Food Consumers! 



Food Consumers Protection: the Smart Map of Europe Member States


The Smart Map is a new tool to offer to the European Consumer the opportunity to directly consult the official web page of national competent authorities and in particular to be aware about the initiatives of these CA for Consumer protection.

Why the use of QR Code?

QR code  (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a matrix barcode contains information about the item to which it is embedded. It represents an easy way to share website and other contents. Nowadays Consumers are used to deal with QR code for advertising, marketing and business issues. A particular useful application of QR Code is on the food label to introduce more contents, as traceability data.

Instructions for use:

To fully use the SmartMap and its contents, you can use a pc or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Download here the instruction for use.


  • Click directly on the map or click on the link reported below the map (Apple users can open only this link).
  • Click on one of the green Countries on the map (there are not differences among the green colours)
  • A new window containing all the information on national competent authorities, their competencies, website and link for Consumer protection initiatives and QR codes will be displayed



EU Smart Map for Food Consumers (Mobile Devices and Apple Users)




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